Current X-Men hockey assistant coach Norm Batherson was recently named to the Acadia Hockey Honour Roll for his accomplishments as a player while with the Axemen hockey program.

(Wolfville, NS)  The Acadia Axemen hockey program celebrated the annual Axemen Hockey Honour Roll Induction with three former players, Norm Batherson, Gregory Hubbert and David Hastings and a past assistant coach Muck Reading, this past Saturday night

From Windsor, NS, Muck Reading was inducted as an Assistant Coach.  Reading joined the Axemen coaching staff in 1979 and coached along side Don Wells and later, Tommy Coolen.  Reading retired from coaching and the Canadian Forces in 1987.Read more »

Later this month, Connie MacNeil will mark the 60th anniversary of his improbable goal-scoring feat

By MONTY MOSHER Sports Reporter
Tue. Feb 2, 2009 – 4:53 AM

-This story was originally posted in February 2009, Mr. Connie MacNeil passed away in May, 2013.

IN MORE THAN 80 years, Connie MacNeil has raised a family and served his country in the military and his province as an educator, academic administrator and coach. He can shoot his age on the golf course.

But it’s six seconds on the ice at the old Acadia Arena 60 years ago this month — six seconds of improbable hockey tucked away in the dusty attic of time — that can still bring the occasional curiosity seeker to his doorstep in Wolfville.

The grandfatherly MacNeil, who turns 81 on Feb. 16, 2009, should be a household name in a land where pucks are religious objects.Read more »